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    Auto Insurance Drive comfortably and affordably knowing that you have a great company to back you up.

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    Homeowners/ Renters Insurance Protect your belongings from natural disaster or even theft. call us now 1-866-960-1114

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    Travel insurance Be insured while on the go. Call us now 1-866-960-1114

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    We offer great extended warranty options to protect your vehicle in case of mechanical failure. DON'T do your own repairs. Call us to day 1-866-960-1114.


We understand that insurance rates tend to get expensive sometimes and because of this we extend our expertise in finding affordable rates combined with great customer service.

Having car insurance is very important as it covers major expenses in the event of a car accident. All motorists must be insured against their liability to other people, as stated in the Road Traffic Act 1988.


Current Topics:

Georgia led the nation with the highest increase in personal auto insurance rates in 2016, according to a new analysis, but rising rates is nothing new for the state’s drivers.

Georgia ranked either first or second nationally for increases in the three previous years, too. State Insurance Commissioner Ralph Hudgens said there is little he can do about skyrocketing rates

because of a law passed a decade ago that makes it almost impossible for the government to stop such increases. Hudgens voted for the law while serving in the Georgia Senate, and he says he has no regrets about supporting it.

In the new normal, double-digit jumps and two increases a year have become routine. The biggest hike among the state’s large insurers hit last year, when Allstate imposed a stunning 25 percent average rate boost.

To read more about rising rates and the state’s response, or lack of one, check out our story on myajc.com

Here at Crown Superior we give our customers the best opportunity by using our 10 years of experience to find the best quote with the best company. We are an insurance agency, therefore we are not dedicated to one insurance company which gives our customers the edge when companies compete for your business. Click here and get a quote now! or call 678-805-4444 for quotes.  1-866-960-1114 for customer service.



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